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Jtime9 Vintage Watches-Longines, Mido, Tissot, Hamilton, Eterna, Zodiac, Certina, Bucherer, etc.

50 crystals in graduated sizes from 23mm(round) x 3mm(domed) to 32.4mm(round) x 3.75mm(domed). All are curved "micro accurate sizes, crystal clear, unshrinkable, unbreakable" new stock plastic crystals. Starting sizes 23mm, 23.2mm, 23.4mm, 23.6mm, etc.-no skips, from the assortment as shipped from the factory. No flat crystals, all have a generous dome and will dress up your wristwatches, sometimes avoiding the need for a refinished dial. Each crystal is in it's own size- marked tissue, by process of elimination you fit the proper size to the bezel and snap it in, then reorder the crystals you used with exact duplicates. (Minimum order restrictions apply.)

# 1100                                         $21.00 + shipping*.

First class shipping within the US, no insurance, is $1.15.
Airmail letter post, no insurance, to Canada is $1.60 US.

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