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Jtime9 Vintage Watches-Longines, Mido, Tissot, Hamilton, Eterna, Zodiac, Certina, Bucherer, etc.

Some of the antique and vintage mechanical pocket watches "jtime" has restored. Some have been sold.

Point the mouse cursor at the picture for the current availability.

Check our ebay auctions for more information.
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#1177-available   #1178-available   #1179-available  

Elgin 6s Hunting Case-Sold

Illinois 12s-Sold    6s NY Standard-Sold    Illinois 18 size-Sold

Hampden 18s 11J-Sold Elgin 12s 7J-Sold Elgin 12s 17J-Sold

Illinois 12 s 17 J-Sold Illinois 12s 19J-Sold    Illinois 12s 17J-Sold

Bunn Railroad 16 s- Sold     Waltham O size Hunting Case-Sold

Illinois 16s-Sold   Sears Roebuck Special-Hunting Case-Sold

Waltham 12 s 17J-Sold     Elgin 16s 15J-Sold    MINT Illinois 12 s-Sold

Illinois 17 J Marquis Autocrat-Sold      Elgin 18s 7J-Sold

Illinois 16s 17J-Sold       Elgin 18s 17J-Sold       Illinois 16 s 17 J-Sold

Elgin 18s 15J-Sold  Elgin 6s 7J-Sold

Hampden Champion 18s 7J-Sold Hampden 18s 11J-Sold

 1940's Elgin Deluxe 12s 17J-Sold  Waltham 16s 17J-Sold   Elgin 18s 17J-Sold

Elgin12s 17J-Sold   Elgin18s -Sold   Hamilton 10s 17J-Sold

Illinois 12s 15J-Sold         Waltham 16s-Sold

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